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Your Guide to Choosing Binders for Detoxification Support

We are all bombarded by toxic chemicals every day. Heavy metals, pesticides, molds, and even viruses and infections, even if we try our best to avoid them, they get into our daily environment.  Humans didn’t always have this toxic burden upon us like we do these days. But with the increased use of toxic products on the market, our exposure to them is extremely common. The possibility of completely avoiding them is unrealistic. Did you Read more…

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How Probiotics Benefit Parasite Cleansing, Candida Cleansing and Gut Detoxification

Gut health is a key factor in both mental and physical well-being. Your gut is connected to a major part of your nervous system and can influence your digestion, your mood, your immune system, your brain, your skin, and so much more. One of the biggest factors that determines your gut health is your gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is the community of organisms that live inside your gut. This community is made up of Read more…

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Optimize Your Health with a Personalized Epigenetic Map

Unlock Your Body’s Hidden Potential: Discover Your Personalized Health Blueprint with Epigenetic Mapping Tired of feeling stuck in a health rut? Want to take control of your well-being and unlock your body’s hidden potential? Introducing epigenetic mapping, a revolutionary tool that provides a personalized roadmap to optimal health. What is Epigenetic Mapping? Epigenetics is the study of how our genes are expressed, influenced by factors like lifestyle, diet, and environment. Epigenetic mapping analyzes these chemical Read more…

Now taking Fullscript Patient Request

Good news everyone! You may now request FREE patient access to Fullscript* right here from Robin Clifton. Enjoy! Patient login Request access *By choosing Fullscript, Robin Clifton has extended your level of care. Ordering through Fullscript keeps your health care provider informed on your progress, including refills and subscriptions.

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Robin Clifton featured guest on Healthy Habit Radio Show

Hi Everyone – Check this out! On January 8, 2022, Robin was a featured guest on Healthy Habit Radio Show talking about her new mail-in hair scan product and the benefits of personalized epigenetic reports. If your interested in listening, the entire radio broadcast is attached for you below. Robin’s interview starts around 25 minutes in. Enjoy! While you’re here, why not get a personalized epigenetic report of your own? Select Shop now below to Read more…

Offering Hair Analysis at New Frontier Market

Did you know that I was giving hair scans at New Frontiers back in July? It was a lot of fun and I was able to help a ton of people! Check out the news article here: https://www.santaynezvalleystar.com/new-frontiers-offering-hair-analysis-for-optimum-health/ I am going to be at New Frontier this coming October and November too. To book an appointment in advance, please contact on my contact page. Ps. Stay tuned for a really exciting new product announcement!